Humidification and children

The arrival of a baby is a great event for the whole family, prepare for it long and thoroughly. Parents try to create the most favorable conditions for the health and normal development of the child. A special role is given to the indoor environment, where most of the time holds the baby. In fact it plays an important role in shaping children’s immunity. One of the most important characteristics in addition to air pollution and temperature is humidity. The level of humidity depends on how much will be susceptible to diseases your little one.

The reasons for this dependence are some:1. Optimal humidity for adult and child’s body varies in the range from 40 to 60% depending on the air temperature. If there is insufficient humidity of the mucous membranes of the nose of the child dry – disappearing natural protective barrier, which inhibits bacteria and viruses from entering the body. For this reason, the outbreak of SARS, influenza and acute respiratory infections accounted for the cold season, when due to the operation of heaters, the air in our homes becomes very dry.2. Recent research scientists from the Institute of the University of Oregon (USA) confirm that the influenza virus feels the most comfortable and faster spread in the air with low absolute humidity. This is one of the reasons why epidemic flu overtake us during the heating season and are virtually absent in summer.

In addition to these troubles, which creates dry air in breastfed babies may have problems with eating, sleep, symptoms of General malaise, headache, fatigue, eye redness, peeling skin…Particularly strictly monitor the level of humidity in the nursery should those parents whose children suffer from various chronic respiratory diseases: bronchitis, allergies, etc.

It should be noted that dry air contains a greater quantity of contaminants, rather than well-hydrated skin: dust particles and other allergens continuously moving in room air, Bouncing off of different surfaces like tennis balls. At the same time, getting in moist air, dust impregnated with moisture, heavier and settles to the floor.

The relationship between humidity and the health of the child was established a long time ago, that’s why our parents often hung in the winter, the apartments in wet sheets and towels, placed a container of water on the radiators. Nowadays, some parents still continue to use such “old-fashioned” ways, however, this is not necessary, since there are special devices – humidifiers that are professionally maintain the humidity in our homes.

The best option humidifier in the nursery is to humidifiers VENTA, since the operation of this device is completely ruled out the possibility of waterlogged air, the device is as safe as possible for the baby: no steam and fine water spray at the exit of the device (humidification is carried out quietly, without attracting the attention of the child). In addition, humidifiers VENTA performs the function of the air purifier: pumping through the room air, the device frees it from different particles, including allergens (dust, saprophytes and plant pollen). This function cleaning the air is particularly relevant for children suffering from bronchitis, hay fever and other respiratory diseases. It is for these reasons more and more humidifiers VENTA appears not only in the homes of families with young children, but also in areas of school classes and kindergarten groups.