Humidifiers for those suffering from allergies

We must admit that in the structure of morbidity, especially among children, in the last decade has seen significant growth allergic exacerbations, such as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, etc. without going into the rather complex mechanisms of development of these States and analysis of predisposing factors, pay attention to the fact that doctors in its recommendations necessarily indicate the need for daily wet cleaning of the premises. The purpose of this recommendation is the removal of deposited dust, which, along with chemical pollutants are present and other harmful agents, such as, dust mites, numerous microorganisms, spores of fungi. With all this “biological suspension”, is often the key to the chronicity of the disease, one wet rag to make almost impossible. Evidence of the exceptional usefulness maximum cleaning of premises may be the fact of creation of specialized chambers for pregnant women with allergies. Of course, such Commerce, in the decoration of which, moreover, are intact special non-allergenic materials, even in Moscow can allow only certain clinics.

Danger closeThe most difficult time for people suffering from pollen allergies, is an active flowering plants when in the air increases the concentration of pollen emitted by plants and transferred by insects in the pollination process. Pollen causes the body of the allergic immune response. The main symptoms of pollen Allergy is evident — the skin becomes red, the vessels dilate, runny nose and sneezing. According to doctors, this reaction can occur in any person, even if before allergies and was not observed. If you have symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes (at the same time of year), if the runny nose lasts more than a week, and periodically there is a night causeless cough, during which no — one should consult a doctor. Self-medication in this case is ineffective.

Despite all efforts to the study of this disease, it is still not completely understood. Allergies can suddenly appear and suddenly leave. Unfortunately, medicine is not yet known tool that would be one hundred percent could deliver from allergies. Therefore, the fight against allergies is mainly aimed at the suppression of histamines and to prevent contact with allergens. But if you approach the fight against allergies fully, it is possible to minimize allergic reactions. There are other types of allergens that can cause allergic reactions throughout the year regardless of the season is dust particles.

Since 1964, when it was established the correlation of household allergies hypersensitive to house dust, the problem has acquired a new character. According to studies, more than 70% of the persons who are allergic to house dust, on average, after 8 years of developing asthma. In children with bronchial asthma, which was preceded by the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, 80% of the cases detected are allergic to house dust. Doctors have concluded that there is a dependence of the occurrence of some types of allergies the condition of the indoor environment, and in particular, from the level of air pollution.