Rheem Air Conditioners

Rheem, a manufacturer of solutions in the field of heating, air conditioning and water heating, introduced EcoNet, an advanced technology that will efficiently manage 65% of energy consumption in the house. EcoNet is the first system that connects to the systems of heating, air conditioning and water heating in the house, and makes it easier for the user, power management, diagnostics, and maintenance of these systems.

The system uses a home’s existing Wi-Fi network to communicate with all equipment. Homeowners can control their equipment via free mobile EcoNet app installed in their smartphones or tablets.In private homes heating, air conditioning and water heating account for more than 65% of energy consumption. The EcoNet system allows homeowners to customize and control engineering systems, but also important to get timely notice of the need for maintenance of the equipment found in these systems.

Users can control the system through EcoNet “smart thermostat” or a mobile app. “Smart thermostat” has a 4.7-inch touchscreen multi-colour display mounted on the wall and has all the functions of a conventional wall-mounted thermostat (temperature setting, programming modes), and “smart features” like automatic reminders service (for example, change the air filter). The free app gives the user the same functionality, only using your smartphone or tablet.The EcoNet system gives more than just a control surface. The diagnostic system reports not only about the necessary service, but also informs about the nature of the problem and what parts are needed to subdue the equipment. One of the important functions of the diagnosis system is the notification of water leaks in the area of operation of the heater.

The EcoNet system is compatible with the platform for smart homes Wink. Wink is one of the biggest automation platforms, providing a simple and intuitive interface to manage hundreds of devices through one app.

In addition, Larson has arranged a distribution agreement with Rheem Air Conditioning. Larson will sell Rheem brand equipment and parts in Indiana western Kentucky, and Ruud brand equipment and parts in northern and central Ohio.

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