Samsung Air Conditioners – Part Two

Expensive or cheap air

Some people believe that it is better to give preference to cheap air conditioner, than expensive. Models of air conditioners by Samsung can be attributed to middle and high price category. Many believe that it is better to buy an air conditioner is not so popular brands in 2 times is cheaper, than for example the same expensive conditioner from Samsung. Actually it is not true, and advertising campaign against popular brands of manufacturers. Why?

To date, the air conditioning market has the widest range of air-conditioners of different manufacturers: more or less known and unknown, and such manufacturers, which previously produced a completely different product that is fundamentally different from air conditioning systems. There is a myth that all components of air conditioners like expensive and cheap, are the same and therefore there is no sense to overpay. But it’s not.

The structure of all conditioners are the same, but hardware is different. These certified Samsung air conditioners are equipped with high-quality parts that allow the device to consume less power and include a large number of functions. Cheap air conditioners significantly reduced in functions, besides, their components is not as high quality as air-conditioners manufactured by major manufacturers of home appliances. Do not forget that air conditioning is several times cheaper, so that’s something the manufacturer saved!?Noise from air conditioners Samsung Quite often, many, choosing air conditioning for home, find online a lot of reports that the alleged air conditioning very noisy and emit a vibration, in particular the outer blocks. A lot of these messages about air conditioners from Samsung. In mind the relevance of the issue, and the fact that many buyers are interested in whether it is really so, we’ll discuss this in more detail.

If you have a noisy air conditioner, then with high probability we can say that the problem is improper installation of the air conditioner. Quite often unprofessional installers for the installation of air conditioning use a home-made brackets, which create a vibration of the outdoor unit. Another cause of noise and vibration of the outdoor unit may be drilled in the slab of a house, which is near the valve. Thus, the anchor fixing brackets for fixing the air conditioner to the wall, will transmit the vibration to the valve plate, which ultimately will cause noise and vibration plate. Be sure the brackets should be wearing rubber pads that will take the vibration itself.

But, nevertheless, the noise from an AC unit Samsung can be caused by technical reasons, when the rear wall of the conditioning is in contact with the radiator, which leads to vibration and noise respectively. To solve this problem you can use a piece of foam that has to be inserted between the rear wall of the conditioning and the radiator – it will not be easy.