Stadler Form Humidifiers – Stadler Form Humidifier

Maintaining optimum humidity level is an urgent need for rooms where there is air-conditioning, heaters, greenhouses and medical facilities. But if they are spacious, area of 65 m2, for them the “big” Oskar is a perfect choice, because in these areas are very important to a balanced combination of high performance and moderate power consumption.

This balance is the main advantage of a humidifier Oskar big from Stadler Form: with a capacity of about 500 ml/hour, its power consumption is only 32 watts. This corresponds to its maximum capacity, which allows for a short period of time to significantly increase the level of humidity. Further, the operation of the humidifier is controlled by two parameters. First, set the desired humidity level, the achievement of which the unit is disabled by the command built-in humidistat.

Secondly, of the four velocities of air flow you can select the desired manually, thus adjusting the intensity of the fan. The principle of operation of Oskar big – natural moisturizing, which is carried out by evaporation of moisture from the surface of antibacterial filters. This allows, first, to prevent the formation of white deposits associated with the operation of the ultrasonic humidifier. Secondly, the presence of such filters prevents the development of bacteria in the water tank and, accordingly, further get in the inhaled air.

Six-liter water tank makes this moisturizer is one of the most important representatives of this class. However, the need to take out virtually absent, as filling stations can be realized during operation of the device, and the control of its level to implement through a special inspection hole. In addition, for ease of maintenance, Oskar big from Stadler Form is equipped with a timer that will remind about the need to change the filter. Now you will have one less thing to worry about.Low noise level, especially in night mode, makes the device almost imperceptible. In night mode also priglushaya backlight that allows you to effectively use the device during sleep.

Well, for completeness of technological sophistication, Oskar big from Stadler Form, besides the basic function of hydration, parallel capable and aromatize the air. We need only to determine the best flavor, and add a few drops of the essential oil in the determined special dispenser. The design of the device is time-tested classicStadler Form. It’s all the same Oskar, just a little more. Available in black and white.