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When summer comes, in many regions of the country come really hot days, when to work and even just watching TV is just not possible because of the unbearable heat. Of course, the purchase and installation of air conditioning – a great solution that will save you from high temperatures from year to year. But if the financial situation does not allow such a “luxury”, a little help with the summer heat will have a fan. Now in the course of free-standing models that are not characterized by small size. However, in some cases much more convenient to use a small table fan.

Advantages and disadvantages table fanDesk fan, as well as his “elder brother” – outdoor, represents the motor and the axis on which the vanes of that force to agitate the air and thereby create a particular direction desired draught in the room.

Of course, the main “plus” of this device is its low cost in comparison not only with the air-conditioning and a standing fan. In addition, such a device due to the small dimensions can be moved and operated in any room, even in the closet. Hence another advantage of desktop fan – ease of transportation and storage.

And, it is clear that without the downsides not enough. The main drawback is the small capacity. Hence, the second “minus” – limitation of airflow. The radius of influence of outdoor fan is very small – not the whole room, but only a corner, for example, a Desk, a sofa, work space in the kitchen.

How to choose the best desk fan?

If you decide to purchase this necessary summer “accessory”, table fan, we recommend you to pay attention to a few nuances. Firstly, it is, of course, the power, the performance of the device. For this type of fan can be considered optimal capacity of 30-40 watts.

Before buying make sure you ask about the noise level of the device. The fact is that due to the limited radius of airflow the unit will probably be installed near you. Because of the work of the motor and blades plays a drone that can be annoying, interfere with work or sleep. Therefore, the most popular is almost silent Desk fan whose noise level does not exceed 30 dB.

And don’t forget about your safety. It is important that the fan blades are covered with a protective grille. However, the mischievous little fingers it will not save. By the way, if we talk about the blades, pay attention to their diameter – the larger it is the more intense blowout occurs. For important security and stability of the base of the fan.