Take a closer look to tower fan!

Tower fan and his brother, bladeless fan, symbolize the evolution of design thinking in the field of household appliances. Their example is instructive in terms of deviation from established technical stereotypes.

Modification of domestic ventilation equipment Already in the second century domestic fans are struggling to help a person in dealing with the heat and stuffiness in the home. They were invented and began to develop industrial production in the late 19th century of astonishing engineering ingenuity of the great Edison. A long time classic shape of the propeller blades was the epitome of comfort and coziness in the house.

At the end of the last century, air conditioning has pressed them on the market of climatic equipment, that is not quite correct in relation to such workmen as are the fans. Yes, they do not cool the rooms, and only stirred layers of air with different temperature. But the function of the ventilation units is slightly different:

  • The removal from the premises, figuratively speaking, “bad air”, i.e. waste, saturated with carbon dioxide, stale air (conditioning this function does not perform);
  • The supply of fresh air, something called supply and exhaust ventilation.

Type of accommodation of domestic ventilation equipment is divided into the following types:

1.Desktop fans. A very common type of low-power devices, dubbed the “egoistical” for their narrow stream rushing past only the seated ranks of the owner, and no one else. Often the apparatus is fixed a pin, which is the structural element. Initially table options increases its blowing force, but common sense suggested to transfer such models on the floor.

2.Wall fans. They are compact, like a table, only attached to the wall. Them varieties can be considered a window (with vents) versions of the designs.

3.Ceiling modifications. For apartment is structurally aligned with their chandeliers, and as a stand-alone device such models are installed in stores and shopping malls, “hotel & restaurant” institutions and other public areas.

4.Floor fans. This type of apparatus is the undisputed leader among household ventilation equipment. Sustainable basis creates the possibility of placing not only overall powerful devices, but also equipped with additional devices, in addition to pumping air, features. Are not uncommon instruments with the functions of ionization and humidification of the ambient air.