What space heaters happen? – Part Two

Oil heaters

Oil heaters are, perhaps, the most popular among heaters. Here safety, unpretentiousness and rather big power of devices play the role. Not only that if to drop a product, with high probability, anything terrible doesn’t happen, so still the majority of them is equipped with system of emergency switching off when capsizing.

In the case reminding a heating radiator oil is filled in. Pair of heatelectric heaters it is shipped in a working environment. Heating has the mixed character:

  • convection;
  • IR-radiation.

In models with chimney effect there is mainly the first process. It is reached by a special form of the case supplied with special vertical channels for creation of the directed air movement. It is considered that such heaters the best. It is fair when it is necessary to lift temperature in all room or to dry up wet mittens but if there is a wish to sit about the warm battery, the chimney effect won’t give it to make as all energy of the heated oil is carried away by the passing air stream.

It is impossible to call an oil heater mobile. If the product from the previous group constructed on a quartz lamp almost weighs nothing, our wards have the heavy strong metal case, and oil also possesses considerable weight. But to break there is nothing.

Fan heaters

Couple of spirals made red-hot and blown by the small turbine blade represents the elementary fan heater. If the motor stops, the wire for certain will burn down under the influence of the current passing on it. For this reason in the majority of models at first the fan is untwisted, and then heating of spirals begins.

Needless to say that compulsory convection is much more effective than the natural. Such designs in the industry are called as heat guns and are actively applied not only on building sites, but also everywhere where it is necessary to warm people. Closest the principle of operation of these devices to hair dryers, and here power much more. It is necessary to warm not a hairdress, but the whole room.