Samsung Air Conditioners – Part Four

Other models of air conditioners Samsung

Apart from the above models of air conditioners for home, you can choose model: Samsung AQ12UGF – this model of the air conditioner of the same range as those listed above, has all the same functions, only more powerful. Despite the fact that Samsung AQ12UGF largely used for cooling large areas, but, nevertheless, some of it is used for household needs, for example, to cool the entire apartment, if it allows the layout. And, of course, is another model of Samsung AQV09KBB – conditioned luxury apartments for those who need not only a comfortable temperature and a large number of functions, but also beautiful design of the indoor unit.

Before selecting air conditioning for apartment – read reviews where users share their experiences and their opinions about the work of the model: positive aspects, negative, possible problems in the models, as well as recommendations. How to choose air conditioning for apartment with allergies Separately will touch our readers who have dust allergies. Very often they ask about what type of conditioning them to choose. All the latest models of air conditioners Samsung is equipped with high quality filters that clean the air of dust. The above-mentioned models of air conditioning line AQxxUGF quite suitable for Allergy sufferers.

But it is important to remember that air conditioning takes the air from outside is not constant, but periodically switches to fan mode when entrains air from the apartment, clean it and blows. Therefore, despite all the cleaning functions of the air conditioner, you must make sure that the room was dust and in a timely manner to clean the filters.

Samsung Air Conditioner Digital Inverter Compressor Demo

Silver Nano

Silver Nano (Silver Nano Health System) is a trademark of an antibacterial technology which uses silver nanoparticles in washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners introduced by Samsung in April 2003.Samsung home appliances, such as refrigerators or air conditioners, have a silver nano coating on their inner surfaces for an overall anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect. As air circulates, the coated surfaces contact with the silver ions which can resist any airborne bacteria, which in turn suppress the respiration of bacteria, adversely affects bacteria’s cellular metabolism and inhibits cell growth.