Samsung Air Conditioners – Part Three

What is Samsung air conditioning firms to choose for apartmentLet’s look at the most popular and best in our opinion models of air conditioners from Samsung. Criteria our choices were simple: find the most practical model for domestic use, which will be good and fast to cool down the room temperature quickly it is heated to consume reasonable amounts of electricity, have a quality air purification and other useful additional features.

We recommend you to pay attention to the line of air conditioners AQxxUGF. It is the data model won the love and popularity among customers. This lineup a few years of its existence has established itself as a great option for domestic use.

The first is to note the high degree of performance of the device, as air conditioning is able to quickly reach the desired temperature in the room, even without special regimes-accelerators. If you need to quickly cool or heat the room, the air conditioning provides a Turbo mode, which instantly cools the room. Not to mention such features as “Good Sleep”, which allows to provide a comfortable sleep, by gradually raising the temperature, so you won’t be cold at night. As you know, during sleep the human body temperature decreases, so the air conditioning at certain times in multiple intervals will increase the temperature to your set. Also this mode will put the conditioner in silent mode.

Another feature worth mentioning is the “Dehumidification”, you will be able to get rid of high humidity in the apartment. Filter high density (FullHD) purifies the air leaving the conditioning, most cleans it from dust. Finally, another advantage of the air conditioner — auto cleanup feature, which allows the air conditioner in automatic mode to clean.Almost all air conditioners by Samsung are category A, which means the lowest level of electricity consumption.

Air conditioner Samsung AQ07UGFThis model of air conditioners has won the leading position of sales across the country. The 07 model is ideal for the average kitchen or bedroom Windows which face South. In principle, all basic functions of the conditioning we have described above, more detailed information about this model you can find on the official website of the manufacturer.

Air conditioner Samsung AQ09UGFThis model of air conditioning function is absolutely identical to the previous model 07. The difference AQ07UGF from AQ09UGF only in power, 09 – stronger. Accordingly, the more powerful the air conditioner, the more power it uses, the faster it cools or heats, or to service the room a larger area. Data the model is suitable for large rooms: hall, large bedroom, bedroom with balcony, and rooms with Windows facing the Sunny side. The model will quickly provide the room to your chosen temperature, and to handle even the most challenging environments.