Why humidify the air?

Despite the fact that the Internet and TV advertising is an active humidifiers, many citizens question the appropriateness of such purchase. Even hearing the stories from each other that the apartment or house in need of special care in the winter, they do not run to the store for purchase. And do not you need a humidifier in the winter when the heating system operates fully? And always interesting, and which indoor air is considered comfortable for the health of all family members?

As in the framework of this article is to tell more, why it is necessary to install a humidifier in the house or apartment. It is necessary to start the story from afar. Everyone knows that the human body is 70-80 percent water. If we talk about the child’s body, it is altogether consists of 90% water. Few people know that the man dying of old age, has only 55% of the fluid in his body. Her number becomes critical. To a person lived and enjoy every day, around the need to be favorable. It turns out, it is necessary that the optimum ambient humidity ranged from forty five to sixty five percent. If the figure is lower than specified, or above, the human body will suffer, especially the mucous membrane, hair and skin.

When it’s cold season, the air in the room begins get too dry, reaches sometimes critical indicator of moisture (up to 13% or more). If you resort to different methods of prehistoric moisture, the humidity can be changed, but not much (on average it rises to 27% or more). When the humidity is so, the nasal mucosa begins to dry out, it can not cope with more humid air that people breathe into their lungs. People are starting to get sick often. Therefore, it is important that in the office and the bedroom was the optimum moisture content. The air temperature must not exceed twenty-three degrees.

You can humidify the air in different ways. You can buy a humidifier (a device that will monitor the moisture content without human intervention), you can indulge in a spray bottle, set indoor water tanks, radiators hang using wet towels and blankets. It is necessary to ventilate the room frequently. It is possible to use all of the methods above, and then the human disease would not be afraid of.