Samsung Air Conditioners – Part One

Heat. How to escape from it? If you are asking this question, then this whole article is written for you, because surely you do not yet have such a wonderful device as air conditioning. In our today’s article experts blog will give you a list of recommendations on the choice of conditioner for the apartment.

About the choice of air conditioning in the Internet you can find a lot of information, and it essentially duplicates of each other. In our article, we focus on the guidelines for selecting air conditioning for your apartment, having considered frequent questions on the selection of air conditioners, which are not described in similar articles on other sites.

Thus, choosing a conditioner, first of all, decide the features that you need. In addition to the traditional functions of cooling and heating and the fan, and there are other useful auxiliary functions. All of these essential functions include air conditioners from Samsung. For example: rapid cooling mode, the power saving mode, sleep mode, features a high degree of air cleaning, auto cleaning and much more. Thanks to such features as the use of air conditioning will be most comfortable for you.

In addition to the functions of the air conditioner, the second parameter that must be selected is power. As you know, every apartment and room is different, so they need to consider all the factors that will affect the operation of the air conditioner. Such factors will be:— The area of a room;— The number of Windows and the side on which they fall;— The floor on which the apartment is located;— Number of people who are constantly in the room;— The amount of equipment in the room, etc.

Properly selected power conditioning is the key to its proper operation. If you choose a conditioner that does not match the room and other factors, he can not cope with its task, will continue to operate in cooling mode or heating, thereby working on the wear and consuming large amounts of electricity.

Be sure to pay attention to the brand of the refrigerant (freon) is running air conditioning. The most common are freon R22 and R401. The latest models of air-conditioners work on the R401 freon, as it is considered best and safe for the environment. While these two brands of freon can not replace each other, exactly as gasoline and diesel fuel. All models of air conditioners Samsung is working on the refrigerant R401.